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Johnny Nuriel Oct 5 Workshop: Holding Space


October 5, 2024 1-2pm at Portland Dance Studio 102
Please plan to come 15 minutes early to ensure parking and check in.
Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in.


Holding space is an essential element in the performing arts. How does one successfully command an entire audience? fill an entire stage? We all have light and confidence within us, but sometimes we don't feel we have access to this power... or we shrink ourselves to make ourselves smaller... This workshop is all about being the biggest and brightest version of yourself (on/off stage) This ALL LEVELS class will explore posture, intention, musicality, and eye contact. Participants will focus on specific techniques geared towards enrapturing and holding the attention of the audience through the use of Holding Space.

lecture & dialogue
warm Up
stage presence
eye contact
energetic exchange
improv & performance

Johnny Nuriel is a renowned performer who is best known for his captivating stage presence. Johnny is skilled in a wide variety of burlesque/circus/and drag arts. As a teacher and mentor, Johnny encourages students to find their inner strength and power and channel it through their performance. He has been a featured presenter at BurlyCon for the past two years. He, along with his partner, Isaiah Esquire, continues to break down barriers and boundaries in burlesque. One fun fact about Johnny is that he is almost entirely self-taught. He, therefore, calls upon his students to break the mold and trust their instincts on stage, teaching from a natural and empowering vantage.